While all Monthly Subscriptions include the Joomla CMS, only the Basic, Enhanced, and Premium Monthly Subscriptions include the robust and powerful tools of CiviCRM.  The value of CiviCRM cannot be overstated, particularly in the way that it has been implemented in the Libertas Platform, such that all Libertarian organizations can share data and knowledge if they have a Basic, Enhanced, or Premium Monthly Subscription.

CiviCRM, plus the optional customizations provided in the Libertas Platform for Libertarian organizations, offer many advanced features which include but are not limited to the following:

Fundraising Tools

  • Donations and recurring pledges are configurable and connected to contacts
  • Accepting online and tracking offline donations
  • Reports and configurable dashboard
  • Managing fundraising events and tracking success
  • Track interactions with donors / potential donors

Memberships Tools

  • Recruit and manage members
  • Manage contact information, voting district information, personal preferences, demographic information, psychographic information, etc.
  • Track interactions with members

Event Registration

  • Event listings
  • Online or offline registration (paid or free for attendees)
  • Participant information tracked along with his or her contact record
  • Communicate with past participants
  • Simple or complex fee structures
  • Tell a friend feature for registered event participants

Bulk Email Management

  • Bulk email / eNewsletters
  • Target mailings by including or excluding any number of constituent/contact groups or previous mailing recipients
  • Personalize your messages with mail-merge tokens
  • Track when recipients open your message and click on links in your message
  • Manage bounces and unsubscribe requests
  • Run reports on past mailings
  • Resend previous mailings
  • Schedule mailings to be sent on a future date

Canvassing, Petitions & Outreach

  • Know your constituents’ voting patterns (dependent on SOS data content and selected Installation Package)
  • Know your constituents’ personal preferences in hundreds of key areas of their lives with advanced, integrated consumer data (available for purchase through LWS’s relationship with Aristotle; dependent on selected Installation Package)
  • Integrate the National LP Data Dump (dependent on selected Installation Package and Monthly Subscription)
  • Capture issue stances about those with whom you interact so you can better target your constituents


  • Configure reports with relative date ranges
  • Create reports as print-friendly HTML or downloadable PDF formats
  • Export as CSV
  • Automate report delivery to one or more recipients via e-mail
  • View the data in a table or as a Bar chart or Pie chart
  • Limit access to a specific sub-set of your users

Additional Benefits

  • Social media integration
  • Different “Roles” for users (security restrictions) based on a system user's level of granted access (e.g., a County Affiliate will only be able to view data relevant to their county)
  • Share CRM data between state and county affiliates to maximize organization growth and effectiveness
  • At least once each 24 hours all the necessary data for reconstructing the websites, applications, files and data is backed up to a secure, encrypted, off-site location.
  • Unlimited free email accounts at your domain name (not available with Starter Monthly Subscription)
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