We understand how important it is to facilitate collaboration among your organization leaders.  To help you achieve more knowledge sharing, cooperation, and better internal organizational support, we have added a set of optional "intranet" features to the Libertas Platform.

Registered User Login

The intranet is for registered leaders of your organization.  Each user must login to your website in order to see the list of available intranet features and pages.

Discussion Forums

A full-featured discussion forum allows your leaders to share ideas, solicit feedback, and post polling questions to other registered intranet users.

Support Ticketing

Robust ticketing features are available so you can collect, manage, and resolve all types of support requests from registered intranet users.  You can customize your ticket severity levels, ticket categories, ticket resolution representatives, etc.


Whenever new volunteers join your organization they inevitably have a number of questions, many of which you've probably answered a dozen times before.  For quick and simple answers to frequent questions such as "why aren't I receiving emails sent to the XYZ mailing list?" - just create some FAQs and publish them on your intranet for registered users to review.


Sometimes the answers to important questions are too complex for a short FAQ, so you can use knowledgebase articles to cover any kind of in-depth topic, such as the proper procedure for filing important paperwork with the state, tips on how to select a site for your upcoming county convention, etc.


Have something important that you want to remind your leaders about?  Post an announcement that they will see as soon as they log in to the intranet.

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