The building blocks of the Libertas Platform are the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) and the CiviCRM Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system, which are further enhanced by Extensions we have installed and configured to enhance and extend the core functionality of Joomla and CiviCRM. 

Additionally, we have taken great care to add Libertarian Features to the Libertas Platform to make it ready-to-use by many Libertarian organizations.  

Please explore the information below to get a better understanding of the wide variety of Libertarian Features we have added to the Libertas Platform to make it truly helpful in facilitating your activities and mission as a Libertarian Party organization.

We have selected a number of modern, professional Joomla templates that will work well for Libertarian Party organizations and spent the time to customize them to work for most state or county parties.  The menu structure is already laid out to accommodate most party organizations with some generic LP content included, and the home pages are designed to highlight important items, such as fundraising, events, and learning more about being libertarian.  

Each of these customizations to the Joomla template will make it easier for you to launch your new website by giving you a great starting point so you don't have to figure out how to design an entirely new website from scratch, but each of these customizations are totally adjustable by your organization so you can make your website suit your needs.

You can review all of the available templates at - more will continue to be added as time passes and newer professional template designs become available.

Whether you want to run as many candidates as possible or run just a few of the best possible candidates, we understand that you will need to collect information about your potential candidates before you can consider endorsing them or supporting them with Party resources.

We are also aware of the information that flows via email from the national Libertarian Party to the state parties which contains information from individuals who expressed an interest in running for office with the LP.

We have created fields in the CRM so you can capture all of the data from the national emails about potential candidates, plus some additional fields which we have seen provide value in other state LP organizations.  The custom candidate fields in Libertas include but are not limited to:

  • Office sought
  • Is this a partisan race? (yes/no)
  • Expected election date
  • District/Ward/Seat
  • Estimated number of candidates in the race
  • Current Party affiliation with the BOE
  • Previous Party affiliation with the BOE
  • I plan to vote in the upcoming Libertarian Primary Election (yes/no)
  • I plan to run an active campaign (yes/no)
  • I am a current office holder (yes/no)
  • I have run for public office before (yes/no)
  • And many more!

Whether it’s your members, potential volunteers, potential candidates or voters, we believe that the more data you can gather on your supporters, the deeper a relationship you can build with them to enhance your organization’s growth and health.  For this reason, we have created a number of fields to capture the interests of your supporters so you can target them with messaging regarding important legislation, events for which they would be especially interested, or with fundraising letters that appeal to their most passionate issues. 

We have also made sure to include all of the fields that appear in the automated email forwards from the National LP, so you will always have a place to capture and maintain this important data about your dedicated supporters.  Some areas of interest include:

  • Social Security
  • Internet Issues
  • Gun Rights
  • Drug Prohibition
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Violent Crime
  • Taxation
  • Government Spending
  • National Debt
  • Economic Liberty
  • Monetary Policy
  • Welfare/Entitlements
  • GLBT Rights
  • And many more!

We understand that volunteers are the lifeblood of your organization – without an active and growing volunteer base, your organization will cease to exist.  For this reason, we have created numerous custom fields to capture volunteer information through your website.  We also included all of the fields covered by the automated volunteer emails that are sent by the National LP. 

So, whether a potential volunteer fills out a paper form at an outreach booth, gets routed to you through an email forward from National, or tells you they’d be willing to volunteer when you call to solicit for donations, you will have all the necessary fields in your CRM to capture the interests and skills of your potential volunteers, such as:

  • Will you circulate petitions?
  • Will you help a local campaign?
  • Will you attend local events?
  • Will you help with major mailings?
  • Will you work at the polls on election days?
  • Will you write letters to the editor?
  • Will you help staff outreach tables?
  • Do you have any special skills that might be useful to a political party?

We have partnered with the industry leader in voter and consumer data to offer you discounted rates for acquiring extensive consumer data for your existing contacts.  The Libertas Platform can also provide you with the over 500 custom fields that are required in the CRM for us to load your consumer data so that you can search and filter your contacts by almost any criteria you can imagine.  A few of the 500+ consumer data fields are:

  • Is the person a dog owner?
  • Does the person like casino gambling? Computer gambling? Video gambling?
  • Does the person like to garden?
  • Does the person like to golf?
  • Does the person have children?
  • Does the person have grandchildren?
  • Does the person donate to charities?  If so, what kinds?
  • What is the person’s income level?
  • Does the person have a mortgage?  If so, how much?
  • Does the person invest?
  • Does the person hunt?
  • Is the person a single parent?
  • Does the person smoke?
  • Does the person like to travel?
  • And so many more!


In order to make the best use of this service, we recommend that you gather your contact data sets (state databases or spreadsheets, your latest national data dump file, your SOS file, and any contact databases or spreadsheets maintained by your counties or candidates), and submit your total record count to us for a quote from our data cleansing and appending partner.  The value you will get out of having accurate phone numbers and 500+ fields of consumer data appended to your contacts is invaluable, but we will get you the lowest possible price to help you save money while you grow the Libertarian Party!

In most states, the Secretary of State (SOS) provides access to voter data in some fashion.  For example:

  • You may have access to it as an elected leader of the Libertarian Party or it may be available for download by anyone in the state.
  • You may need to pay a fee for the data, or it may be available free of charge.
  • Your SOS data may contain a political party distinction which includes the Libertarian Party, or it may only reference the Democratic and Republican parties.

At Libertas Web Services, we understand the importance of being able to reach your voters – particularly your registered Libertarian voters.  To help you keep track of your voters, we have created a number of custom fields to track voting information such as:

  • US Congressional District
  • State House District
  • State Senate District

We can also create additional custom fields to track voting history data which your SOS likely captures, so you can analyze the voters in terms of:

  • Primary voting patterns
  • Voting frequency
  • Party registration changes
  • And much more depending on the type of information included in your SOS file
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